• We own, operate, and maintain a large variety and inventory of equipment specifically designed for underwater use.
  • We maintain specialty dive gear for task-specific jobs, including potable water and HAZMAT diving.
  • Fully equipped to meet day-to-day commercial diving needs and to exceed the standards set by OSHA, the USCG, and ADCI.
  • Preparation and access to the proper gear are critical to any emergency response.
  • In partnership with OceanGate, Inc. we provide deep water manned submersible solutions for commercial, survey research, and inspection services.
  • We own, operate and maintain a full fleet of ROVs that are ready at all times.
  • We own and operate four portable saturation diving systems, rated to 1,000 feet.
  • We maintain a fleet of vessels ranging from small skiffs to larger dive-support vessels.
  • We provide waterfront gear to facilities and vessels in port who do not have their own preventative boom, fenders, or other accessories available.