Dive Stations

Our dive stations are fully equipped to meet day-to-day commercial diving needs and to exceed the standards set by OSHA, the USCG, and ADCI as well as all state and local agencies. Our stations consist of a diving compressor, rack box, dive box, anvil case, dive radio, umbilical hoses, deck whip hoses, standby emergency compressed air cylinders, first aid kits, DAN O2 kits (emergency breathing air), and the necessary signage (e.g., Alpha dive flags and “diver in water” signs) to ensure our divers are safe while at work in the water. Should the job call for visual aid, helmet mounted camera's and lighting are available for observation or recording purposes.

We also maintain a fleet of portable decompression chambers to accommodate remote locations, deepwater, or mixed gas diving. Safety is of utmost importance in all company operations. Dive stations are outfitted with multiple contingent systems including alternative compressed air cylinders, diver bailout bottles, standby divers.