Gulf Coast

Global's Gulf Coast Region provides a full range of diving services to the Gulf of Mexico area and greater Southern United States. Daily dive operations include a full range of offshore support services; maintenance, repairs, inspections, for the oilfield, including; plug and abandonment operations, pipeline services, and site clearance operations. Other services include search and recovery, marine construction support, confined space penetrations, potable water, and HAZMAT diving. We have divers available with both topside and underwater welding certifications.

We maintain a 24-hour emergency response line, 1 (800) 441-3483, to assist clients with after-hour emergencies such as removing obstructions, damage mitigation, and light vessel salvage.

Specialty diving services include:

  • Certified underwater / topside welding
  • Plug and abandonment operations
  • Pipeline services
  • Site Clearance Operations
  • Underwater non-destructive testing
  • Marine construction
  • HAZMAT diving
  • Marine salvage
  • Anode installation
  • Cofferdam installation
  • Dry-docking assistance
  • ROV operations