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J/U Pride Wyoming Rig Salvage - L/B Superior Intervention Onsite Block EI 107

April 15 - July 13, 2010

Surface divers on board the L/B Superior Intervention section the Pride Wyoming hull for recovery. This phase included 613 dives.

Cheesman Dam Upstream Control Project - Phase 1 - Getting started

April 13, 2010

All of the submittals are in, plans approved and the ice finally melting - time to get to work! The barges have been assembled and a shallow water dive station set onboard, Global is beginning work on the Auxiliary Level gate. You can see the spool piece that will be installed inside the existing inlet opening, it will be installed inside the rock opening and anchored in place with 64 anchor bolts. A new hydraulically operated gate valve will be attached to the end of the spool. The entire opening will then be protected with a steel trashrack.

Once the Auxiliary Level Gate has been installed the barge will be brought back to shore, the shallow water dive station will be removed and a Saturation Dive Spread will be installed. The Mid and Low Level Gates will then be installed, similar to that done on the Auxiliary Level.

Global Opens a New Office in Richmond, CA

April 5, 2010

Global Diving & Salvage, Inc is pleased to anounce the opening an office in Richmond, CA. This new location will increase our presence and expand our services into the San Francisco Bay Area. Read more »