Bernie Rosenberger

Dive Operations Manager
9 years with Global

Mr. Rosenberger began his diving career in 1988. During his career he has performed or supervised in a wide variety of roles; Tender, Diver, Gas Diver, Saturation diver, One Atmosphere Suit Operator/Pilot working deep water construction, Saturation Supervisor, Project Manager and ROV Pilot. He possesses a wide range of skills, specializing in multiple disciplines of Underwater Non Destructive Evaluation, is versed in underwater photography, inspection, testing and maintenance of cathodic protection systems, and underwater bridge inspection. Working the last ten years in Cook Inlet , Alaska; one of the most challenging diving environments, - zero visibility, extreme tides, significant current, he brings his varied set of skills to play in that challenging environment. As Global Diving & Salvages Diving Operations Manager, Mr. Rosenberger will be responsible for dispatching all divers and equipment for both daily call out work and contractual projects throughout Alaska.

  • Anchorage Community College - Fire Firghting Command & Tatics