Jim Clark Marina - Boat Explosion Response

Prudhoe Bay in front of burned boat house

Global mobilized a rapid response team to the Jim Clark Marina Explosion after one of the resident boats blew up in the early hours of August 24th, 2010. The exploding boat caused the complete destruction of it’s boat house and damaged three other boat houses including catching an adjoining boat and boat house on fire. Our crew’s initial response consisted of surveying the damage and deploying boom to prevent any debris or contamination from leaving the accident site. Global’s Dive Operations Mgr says “We were chosen as a full service emergency response provider due to our conveniently poised response equipment, our knowledgeable personnel, and our prior work experiences.”

Project Updates

Demolition is beginning on the adjoining boat houses of the explosion site

The final clean-up at the site is underway with the hull remains of the boat and all debris being stored at a Global facility for further 3rd party investigation into the cause of explosion.

Global's vessel, the Prudhoe Bay, was mobilized and used as a work platform for crews to salvage the remaining remnants from the sunken boat using the Prudhoe Bay's crane and lift bags.

Global crews clean-up floating debris and contamination that was collected by the boom deployed after the initial explosion.