Diving Services

Global Diving & Salvage, Inc. maintains equipment and personal that are specifically designated to service our customer’s, local and emergent, underwater needs. We are able to perform a large variety of services; such as remove a line from a propeller, remove obstructions from a farmer’s irrigation pumps intake screens, or assist with the placement of a fish collection / sorting structure.

We maintain a 24-hour emergency response line, 1 (800) 441-3483, to assist clients with after-hour emergencies.

Global’s divers are fully qualified; received basic training from certified dive school, ADCI qualified, and receive ongoing training and certifications as required. They meet or exceed Federal and State requirements.

Types of services performed:

• Removal of obstructions from propeller or intake
• Underwater welding / cutting
• Inspection / Survey; piers, docks, dams, pipelines, outfalls, intakes
• Pier, piling, or dock repairs
• Light salvage
• Sediment removal
• Anchor retrieval
• Anchorage / buoy maintenance
• Boat ramp / waterfront structure installation