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A Deeper Look at Global’s Commitment to Reliability & Dependability

Here at Global we approach every job with the respect, attention, and focus it deserves – no matter how difficult or routine it may be. Underlying that dedication to getting the job done efficiently and effectively are two key guiding principles: reliability and dependability. “Repeat customers call us because they know what they’re going to …

Bas Coppes Appointed Director of Salvage & Wreck Removal

Bas Coppes has joined the senior management team at Global Diving & Salvage, Inc., aiming to guide the global growth of the marine services company. Coppes will be based out of Global’s Houston, Texas office and will be focusing on salvage and wreck removal operations worldwide. Coppes brings two decades of salvage and offshore experience …

Salvage & Wreck Services: Answering the Call Anytime, Anywhere

December 23, 2016 Global’s service offerings have expanded significantly since our initial focus on diving operations in 1979, but one of our founding capabilities – salvage and wreck operations – continues to be a success through the completion of hundreds of projects around the world. While every call is unique, our team brings quick response, …

Fishing Vessel Northern Pride Removed from Alaskan Beach

Crews from Global Diving & Salvages Alaskan Region Office completed removal of wooden remnants of the F/V Northern Pride that had washed up on the beach of Katmai National Park’s Shelikof Strait.

Additional story and pictures available at Alaska Public Media.

OceanGate Inc. and Global Diving & Salvage Inc. Form Strategic Agreement

OceanGate Inc.,a global provider of manned submersible solutions for commercial,research and military applications,announced a strategic agreement with Global Diving & Salvage Inc.,a leading provider of marine construction and offshore support services in the United States and an internationally recognized marine casualty responder. The collaboration will provide government and commercial clients with a broad array of technology,experience and expertise to address subsea missions in challenging marine environments. This innovative sales agreement will expand market opportunities for both companies. Global Diving & Salvage and OceanGate will work together on specific projects using a combination of saturation divers,manned submersibles,traditional Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs),and manned submersible fly-away ROV vehicles to support salvage,recovery and subsea assessments. The companies will focus on projects that include potentially polluting wrecks,salvage operations,restoration,surveys and inspections to help improve safety and cost efficiencies.

“OceanGate’s expertise with underwater vehicles and manned submersibles in particular,is exactly the kind of solution we believe could increase our rate of delivering safe and efficient services to our clients,especially in the areas of potentially polluting wrecks and difficult salvage operations. We look forward to building this new business line together and moving the industry to a new level of performance,” said Devon Grennan,CEO of Global Diving & Salvage.

“Global Diving has an incredible reputation in the subsea market for delivering outstanding services for salvage,oil and gas,and first responder operations,” said Stockton Rush,CEO of OceanGate Inc. “The markets in which Global Diving has traction are areas where we feel manned submersibles could provide considerable value. Devon and his team see the potential benefits of manned submersibles in developing specific use-cases for various subsea operations and new,enhanced solutions for their client base.”

Under the agreement,both companies will pursue new sales opportunities by endorsing and utilizing each other’s services and products. Global Diving & Salvage will be OceanGate’s exclusive manned diving and salvage partner,and OceanGate will be the sole supplier to Global Diving & Salvage of manned submersible solutions. The agreement covers the East and West coasts of the United States,Alaska and Hawaii,and the Gulf of Mexico.

MSNBC Interview about Malyasian Flight 370

MSNBC recently contacted Global with questions regarding the recent reporting of possible debris sightings from a satellite from Malaysian Airline Flight 370. As industry experts on challenging salvage operations,Global’s Kerry Walsh,Salvage Master,was interviewed by Ed Schultz of The Ed Show to shed some light on the difficult situation of locating and retrieving wreckage at depth.

See the entire segment on MSNBC.

Global Presents Case Studies at Clean Gulf Conference

The Challenges of Environmentally-Driven Wreck Removal presented by David DeVilbiss,Vice President of Casualty Marine and Emergency Response Services,Global Diving & Salvage,Inc.

Abstract Summary: The paper will focus on the challenges faced with environmentally driven wreck removal projects. One case study is a large ex-navy tug that sank in California inside a graving dock that was inundated with contaminated soil. The environmental drivers behind the wreck removal required unique methods of salvage. The second case study focuses on a Japanese Tsunami dock removal,located in a remote part of the Washington Coast within a National Marine Sanctuary. Invasive species,multiple agencies and stakeholders,and logistically challenging parameters all played a part in the planning and execution of the work.

Global Welcomes Andy Lawrence, Salvage Engineer

Global Diving & Salvage,Inc. announces the hiring of Andrew Lawrence as Salvage Engineer,based out of the corporate headquarters in Seattle,Washington. As part of the Marine Casualty Response Service Line,Mr. Lawrence will develop salvage plans,provide detailed engineering support,and assist with project management during emergency and routine operations.

Mr. Lawrence served as a Coast Guard officer for eight years,including 5 years at the Coast Guard’s premiere engineering office,the Marine Safety Center. At the Marine Safety Center,Mr. Lawrence served on the Salvage Engineering Response Team,providing rapid engineering support to Coast Guard field units in response to vessel casualties throughout the United States. Mr. Lawrence has a broad range of ship construction knowledge gained by reviewing hundreds of ship designs for stability and structural safety.

“Global Diving and Salvage is pleased to have Andy as a part of the team and provide in-house salvage engineering expertise to the Marine Casualty Division,” states David DeVilbiss,V.P. Marine Casualty Response Service Line. “Global is now able to extend the level of service we can offer our customers,further providing custom solutions to the most difficult of situations.”

Washington State Department of Ecology hires Global to raise 140-foot fishing vessel in Penn Cove,WA

Global has been hired by the Washington State Department of Ecology to raise and remove a 140-foot fish boat that burned and sank in Penn Cove,WA.

Washington Department of Ecology news

Divers surveying Deep Sea wreck to aid salvage planning

COUPEVILLE,Wash. – A salvage company dive team,hired by the Washington State Department of Ecology (Ecology),is surveying the submerged wreck of the former fishing vessel Deep Sea today in Penn Cover near Coupeville.

Information from the dive will aid efforts to plan for the raising of the vessel,which sank on May 13,2012,after a fire. Ecology maintains a standing salvage contract with Global Diving and Salvage,Inc.,as part of the department’s spill response mission. The company will conduct the salvage operation for Ecology.

The vessel rests on state-owned aquatic lands managed by the Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR). Plans for the salvage operation are still being developed,with no date set for raising the vessel.

Ecology and DNR seek a prompt and safe removal of the wreck because it likely contains an unknown amount of oil and hazardous materials that could be released into the water as the steel structure rusts over time.

Meanwhile,environmental response crews hired by Ecology continue to tend and monitor oil-spill containment boom placed around the site of the wreck. The crews are removing small amounts of oil – that periodically float up from the wreck into the boomed area – with oil-spill cleanup materials.

Divers and other responders hired by the U.S. Coast Guard removed or recovered at least 3,600 gallons of diesel fuel from the wreck in the first five days after the sinking. The 128-foot vessel rests on its left side in about 60 feet of water.