Construction Equipment


As in all construction projects, having the proper tooling and equipment for underwater work is critical to success. Much of our equipment is specially designed and purpose-built for marine work, and we take pride in keeping our assets well-maintained so they’re always ready for the next job.

We have American Welding Society (AWS)-certified welders for both topside and underwater welding of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. We have pneumatic chipping hammers, concrete saws and wire saws, allowing us to remove everything from a precise concrete sample to a 20-ton bridge section. Our pneumatic and hydraulic drilling equipment allows us to provide coring and drilling of any depth through a variety of materials.

Along with our wide selection of specialized underwater gear and equipment, Global’s long-time relationships with trusted subcontractors and suppliers across the country gives us fast and easy access to the assets we need to perform any job, any place.

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