Dive Equipment


Diving is the foundation of almost everything Global does, and our dive gear is vital to our work. It not only allows our divers to perform their jobs; it is part of the life support system that keeps them safe. We keep our gear in peak condition, and service all equipment according to manufacturer-scheduled maintenance plans.

The hat and umbilical provide the diver’s connection to the topside crew. Hats are equipped with video cameras so the topside crew and the client can see what the diver sees; they also allow two-way communication between the diver and dive supervisor.

Along with standard “hard hat” dive gear and dry suits, we also make use of hot water suits and other specialized gear for task-specific jobs. Our potable water equipment allows us to work in an isolated, contaminant-free environment, while our HAZMAT equipment protects our divers from oil, pollutants, sewage and other hazardous elements.

Whatever the task at hand, Global has the divers and the gear to do the job, and do it right.

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