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Honesty & Integrity Hold Deeper Meaning

December 28, 2016

September 22, 2016

Back when Global was first founded in 1979, there were no video systems to provide clients with an opportunity to see things through the eyes of the diver beneath the surface of the water. In those early days of the company, each client had to trust that Global was working in their best interest. If Global co-founder, John Graham, was called to inspect the running gear of a tugboat, he had an obligation to the client to provide a truthful assessment.

“The diver would have to come back with his mental notes, describe the situation to the client and then be asked whether the client should dry dock the boat,” said Devon Grennan, Global’s CEO and President.

That relationship between Global and its clients provided the foundation upon which the company built its reputation. Grennan has explained that there is a deeper meaning within Global’s core values of honesty and integrity. Those two words are at the heart of every employee and at the heart of every project. Honesty and integrity are ingrained in the culture.

The quality of being honest is defined as, “honorable in principles, intentions, and actions; upright and fair.” Therefore, in order to have a truly honest culture, not only do Global employees have to hold honesty as a core principle in their own lives, but they need to act with moral intentions at all times on the job. It is a high standard to hold of your work force, but an important standard at the core of Global’s success. It’s helped us earn and maintain the trust of clients.

“Global divers had to give honest perspective and provide solutions with integrity because those opinions usually came at an expensive price to our clients,” Grennan said. “We carry this same approach toward our work with us today.”

Global has grown to become an international marine services provider and the largest provider of marine construction and support services in the United States because of the longstanding history of honesty.

“[We need to] be mindful that we hold ourselves to a higher standard than simply getting the work done: we execute our work in a manner that we can stand behind,” Grennan said.

Honesty, integrity, and trust are not values unique to Global, but based on the way the company was built, the deeper meaning found in those ideas will always be a pivotal part of everything we do.


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