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Preserving Puget Sound’s Maritime Past and Future

December 28, 2016

November 22, 2016

At Global we’re proud of our historical ties to the Puget Sound’s maritime industry and are devoted to protecting the history of the region. We have been a supporter of Puget Sound Maritime (PSM) for more than a decade. PSM’s mission is to create appreciation of the Puget Sound region’s maritime past in order to better understand the present. Global co-founder, Tim Beaver, was the driving force behind Global’s association with the organization.

After many years of involvement, Beaver decided to step aside and asked if Frank Immel, Global’s Business Development Account Executive would get involved. “I have a passion for the maritime industry and the historical involvement it has played in the region,” says Immel. The organization undertook an effort to become more current and relevant, ‘today becomes tomorrow’s history.’ Immel assumed the role of President in 2014.

Founded in 1948 as a non-profit, PSM is now housed in the Museum of History & Industry (MOHAI) in Seattle. Artifacts from Global, as well as Beaver’s own personal collection are on display at the MOHAI. The organization maintains and promotes interest in the region’s deep maritime history. Puget Sound’s maritime sector is a major driver of commerce throughout the Pacific Northwest. Seattle is one of the west coast’s main ports, facilitating trade and travel for the world. It’s also home port to trawlers fishing the Alaskan seas. The society preserves the region’s maritime past with an archive featuring more than 60,000 photos, thousands of ships plans (including the entire Ed Monk Jr. collection), numerous ship models, artifacts, logs, and documents.

Under Immel’s leadership, one of the society’s chief initiatives is educating the region’s youth about maritime career opportunities. Approximately 40-50% of tug and ship captains will soon retire. As the pipeline of experienced hands narrows, the need for tradesmen at all levels will become increasingly vital. PSM has partnered with Youth Maritime Training Association with the aim of educating students, as well as adults looking for a new career, about all the industry has to offer as an exciting, fulfilling option in lieu of or after college.

Global proudly supports PSM and its efforts to preserve the region’s maritime past to better understand its present, as well as attract the youth needed to drive its future. For more information, visit the society’s website at


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