Project Tag: anode installation

Alki Outfall Repair

We provided all project management,diving services and topside support for this location as part of an overall three-outfall repair project. Work done at Alki involved the installation of five new anode sleds. Tabs were welded to the existing outfall,and leads connected the new anode sleds to the outfall. At the conclusion of the installation,measurements were taken at 22 locations along the outfall to verify the increased cathodic protection.

Welding was performed in 100 feet of water,as was setting of the five anode sleds.

Red Dog Mine Dock Inspection and Maintenance

We performed inspection and maintenance services on the Red Dog Mine’s dock and loading cells. The project involved underwater video and photographic inspections of the sheet piles,along with underwater welding to install additional passive anodes. During inspection,the dive team discovered loose bolts attaching the diffuser assembly. Cell calibration and reference cells were included in the dive package,plus underwater welding and burning equipment,a support vessel,a flyaway dive system,underwater video and still photography equipment,a portable generator,and a digital thickness machine.