Project Tag: California

King River Powerhouse Repairs

Global Diving & Salvage,Inc. has been contracted by Pacific Gas & Electric to perform repairs on the 150 foot tall vertical surge shaft of the King River Powerhouse. Repairs include placing a priority underwater epoxy over potential areas of water seepage on the shaft wall. The divers are working 60 feet below the top of the shaft,in 40 feet of water. The divers are being lowered through the dry vertical portion of the shaft,a confined space,to perform the repairs.

Refinery Wharf Pile Removal

Global Diving & Salvage,Inc. is assisting CS Marine in the removal of approximately forty five timber pilings and five concrete encased pilings for maintenance operations to portions of the Shell Refinery Wharf approach in Martinez,CA. The project also included installing fiberglass forms on timber pilings for concrete restoration along the approach way.

Marine Terminal Removal

Global is providing diving services to assist with the demolition and removal of an abandoned offshore marine terminal. Existing structure is supported on concrete piling,scope of work involves the removal of an abandoned pipeline as well as assistance with cutting of concrete piling below mud line.

Stanislaus Intake Repair

Global Diving & Salvage is providing a dive crew to perform maintenance inspection and cleaning of the existing intake structure. Work also involves the removal of an existing trashrack and replacement with new. Due to limitations of access,new trashrack will be brought to site via helicopter as well as removal of the existing damaged unit.

Montezuma Depth of Burial Survey

Global Diving & Salvage is providing a dive platform and crew to perform a survey along the alignment on a high pressure natural gas pipeline that crosses the Sacramento River. This survey is being done in preparation of an upcoming river deepening project,from Sacramento to the San Francisco Bay. Divers are using probes to penetrate the river bottom to determine the amount of cover over the pipeline.

BART Transbay Tube Support

Global is providing diving assistance in the removal and replacement of anode cable and anode arrays for the BART transbay tube. The work is being performed as part of ongoing maintenance for the tube. The divers are utilize dredges and airlifts with the derrick assistance to remove up to 30’ of bay mud covering the tube to access cable penetrations. Fourteen of the anode arrays are schedule to be replaced in depths down to 130 feet. Project challenges are the bay currents and the water depth.

Pit 5 Instream Flow Release Modifications

Global Diving & Salvage,Inc. was contracted to install nine 18” x 44” outlet gates on the upstream face of four existing wheel gates. The design required that the new gates be installed in a water depth of 20’. To accomplish the work Global provided engineering and cofferdam design of two 25 foot tall cofferdams which had a radius of 4’. The cofferdams were fabricated in the bay area and shipped to site where they were utilized.

To accomplish the work Global certified underwater welders installed pad eyes on the upstream face to attach turnbuckles. Willliams undercut anchors were also installed to provide hold down capabilities. After installing the cofferdams and working under confined space and fall protection regulations Global’s surface welders cut openings and installed bow outlet pipes,gates,and operator platforms on the upstream face. The work progressed and the cofferdams were moved from site to site. All work was tested and installed to clients high expectations. The work was completed on time and within budget.

Pit 4 Cofferdam Installation

Global Diving & Salvage,Inc. provided a dive crew to install and seal a 25’ x 15’ wide cofferdam to the face of Pit 4 Dam. The installation required the removal of 5.5 cubic yards of concrete. To accomplish the removal the divers utilized rivet busters,sinker drills and rock splitters. After removal of the concrete the cofferdam was installed with almost 40 epoxy anchors which were pull tested prior to tightening. The cofferdam is being installed to allow for a new 8 foot diameter penetration and gate through the existing dam. A new intake structure will subsequently be installed.