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Salvage of Yacht Destroyed By Fire in Roche Harbor

In the morning hours of July 10,2013,while moored at a dock in Roche Harbor Marina in the San Juan Islands,a newly built 85’ motor yacht caught fire and burned. Firefighting efforts ensued however the vessel sank at her mooring. Responders deployed oil containment boom around the scene which has been very effective in containing debris and fuel from the vessel.

Global Diving & Salvage,Inc.,under contract to the yacht’s owner,mobilized personnel and resources from its Seattle headquarters and Anacortes operations to respond to the incident,conducted an underwater survey of the vessel and mitigated the environmental threat posed by the vessel. Global’s Marine Casualty Response group developed a salvage plan which was approved by the State and Federal agencies overseeing the incident.

Global contracted Manson Construction to provide crane lifting services utilizing specialized salvage rigging equipment designed and maintained by Global. A wide range of emergency response equipment is maintained by Global on 24 hour standby in the Seattle warehouse and other regional bases.

Under direction of Global’s Salvage Master diver’s rigged the hull of the yacht,which was raised from the seafloor and returned to a floating condition. Crews removed the remaining fuel and HAZMAT,it is inspected and deemed safe. The vessel was towed to a boatyard where it was removed from the water.

Des Moines Marina Fire Response

On June 23rd a vessel caught fire in the Des Moines Marina injuring two people. The fire spread quickly,destroying 6 boats and damaging several others. Quick action by the marina staff and fire department prevented further damage.

Global has been contracted to provide diving services as required to remove sunken boats and debris. Crew from our Environmental Response Division also cleaned areas of the boat house that were undamaged and removed sections of the dock and roof structure that had been destroyed by the fire.

F/V Deep Sea Removed from Penn Cove

The 140-foot F/V Deep Sea was moored illegally off of Whidbey Island in Penn Cove,a world renowned oyster and mussel rearing area. On May 12,2012 it caught fire and sank,at the time of sinking there was no idea of how much fuel was onboard. Estimates ranged from 100 to 5,000 gallons,with a know capacity of 30,000 gallons.

Divers responded to plug the vents and keep the oil from entering the environment and contaminating the over 2,000,000 pounds of mussels,clams,and oysters that are raised in the cove. Containment boom was deployed and the leaking oil was contained.

The Department of Ecology and the Coast Guard agreed that the wreck must be removed from this natural habitat. Global Diving & Salvage,Inc. was contracted to perform the removal operation.

Two derrick barges were brought in to perform the lift,once at the surface the F/V Deep Sea was pumped out and refloated.

Refloating the Tug Tiger

The United States Coast Guard tugboat Tiger sank at her mooring at the Richmond Historical Pier in California. Global responded with 4 boats,2 skimmers,boom,and spill response materials to contain and remove the released containments.

Global was contracted to continue the salvage operations,utilizing an innovative plywood freeboard panel concept in an effort to refloat the Tiger.

Lift Bags Raise Sound Developer Derelict

The Sound Developer was an ex-US Navy landing craft that was 132 feet long overall. She had a beam of 29 feet and a normal draft of 5 feet. The US government sold the vessel at auction and the ship passed through several owners before falling into neglect which ultimately ended with the derelict sinking at her moorings in the harbor at Cordova,Alaska in august of 2009.

Shortly after the sinking the US Coast Guard activated Global Diving & Salvage through the established Basic Ordering Agreement (BOA) contract. Global mobilized resources to Cordova where the pollution threat was mitigated through the removal of the copious oil filled containers,batteries and other HAZMAT. The US Coast Guard then worked through a nearly 2 year long process seeking Headquarters approval to refloat the vessel,transport it to shore and deliver it to the City of Cordova for dismantling and disposal.

Upon receipt of approval the US Coast Guard solicited competitive bids to affect the recovery. Through this process Global was contracted by the USCG to remove the pollution and navigation threat from the Harbor,move it to an area onshore outside of the harbor and perform gross decontamination of the vessel.

Due to the remoteness of the location,no heavy lift assets were available. A plan was developed to utilize lift bags to raise the vessel,secure it for the short tow out of the harbor to the designated shore position.

Divers secured a total of 31 lift bags that were used to raise the vessel: 24 – nine ton; 5 – five ton and 2 – twenty two ton bags. The lift bags were strategically placed and secured to the hull.

All the lift bags were connected to a manifold,from which all inflation / deflation operations were carried out under the supervision and at the direction of the salvage master.

Once afloat the bags were further secured to the vessel and made ready for the open water tow to the beaching area outside the harbor. The vessel was placed aground at high tide and was shifted further ashore through subsequent tide cycles.

The operation was timed to coincide with the highest tides of the season to ensure it would be brought on shore as high up the beach as possible. This phase of the operation was complicated by extremely challenging weather conditions that impacted the schedule and the work conditions.

Once the Sound Developer was safely secured on shore,Global conducted further cleaning and gross decontamination. The vessel was inspected and cleared by on scene US Coast Guard personnel and custody of the vessel was transferred to the City of Cordova.

Fendering & Booming Services for Seafair 2011

We were hired by Florida Ship Supply to provide services for all United States Navy Ships attending the 2011 Seafair in Seattle,WA. Services included 24hr emergency spill response,fender installation,and installation of oil containment boom around all Navy vessels.

Astoria 117th Regatta Fendering

We were hired by Florida Ship Supply for the 117th Regatta in Astoria,OR to provide fenders and oil spill boom for the US Navy vessel that arrived in support of the event.

Prince William Sound Fishing Vessel Salvage

Global Diving & Salvage,Inc. responded to the rescue of the shipwrecked 42’ F/V fishing vessel,hard aground on the rocky shore of Latouche Island,a remote island near the western entrance to Alaska’s pristine Prince William Sound. Global’s response included a salvage master and crew equipped to quickly mitigate the threat to the extremely sensitive marine environment through the safe recovery of fuel and other oils from the vessel. The RUFFIAN was subsequently patched,successfully refloated and towed to Whittier,Alaska where she was safely delivered to her owner.

M/Y SCOUT Salvage

The M/Y SCOUT suffered catastrophic flooding and was abandoned near the entrance to the Straits of Juan De Fuca. Global Diving & Salvage was engaged to recover and salvage the wreck. After extensive air and surface searching by USCG assets the wreck was located by a passing fishing vessel at 48 28.9N,124 41.8W,in the middle of the shipping lanes,2.5 miles ESE of the JA buoy. Utilizing the Neah Bay based rescue tug JEFFREY FOSS Global towed the vessel into Neah Bay,WA where she was successfully patched and refloated with the assistance of a Bergerson Construction derrick. Diesel fuel oil and other HAZMAT were removed.

Spill Support for Sunken Tug

Global Diving & Salvage was contracted by a local dredge company to clean up oil spilled from a sunken tugboat near Pittsburg,CA. The Global crew deployed containment boom,sorbents,and a skimmer to contain and recover the oil that spilled from the tug. After the tug owner re-floated the vessel,Global crews defueled the vessel and removed over 3,000 gallons of oil and water from the bilge to a Baker tank onshore.