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FV St. Patrick Defuel

Reports of a large oil sheen in Women’s Bay off Kodiak Island in Alaska were reported on Aug. 5, 2021 just a few days after a large earthquake struck the Alaskan peninsula. A US Coast Guard overflight confirmed the sheen, which appeared to be caused by an unknown submerged source. The USCG contacted Global Diving …

F/V AMAK Defuel and Refloat

Global initially responded to the sinking of the wooden fishing vessel Amak in the Port of Garibaldi, Oregon Marina for the USCG, Sector Columbia River. The crew was tasked with completing on-water recovery of petroleum leaking from the vessel, as well as defueling the accessible tanks underwater to lessen the continued pollution liability. Crews used …

Remote Beach Defuel and Wreck Removal

The 64-foot fishing vessel  Ann Kathleen caught fire off the Oregon Coast on May 2, 2019. The crew abandoned ship and were rescued by a nearby fishing vessel; the vessel drifted to shore and grounded on a remote beach near Bandon, OR.  Global was contacted by a surveyor representing the owner’s insurance to defuel the …

OSV Monarch Defueling

The Monarch,a 166-foot offshore supply vessel,was submerged at the base of the Granite Point oil platform in northern Cook Inlet after its collision with the platform in heavy ice on Jan.15,2009.

At the time of the sinking,an estimated 34,603 gallons of diesel fuel and lube oil were on-board the vessel posing an enviromental risk. The fuel had to be removed.

Global was hired to monitor the situation and complete an initial vessel damage assessment in May. A sonar and bathomtetricsurvey were used to determine if the vessel was moving during the,up to 24 foot tidal changes in the area.

With extensive planning and careflu execution the fuel was successfully removed in 34 dives. The operation commenced in July with our divers diving three times per day. The fuel was removed using hoses and vacuum wands that pumped the fuel oil into temporary storage tanks.

The vessel is still on bottom and continually monitored.

SS Jacob Luckenbach Oil Removal

The S.S. Jacob Luckenbach, a 468 foot steamship built in 1944, sank after a collision in foggy weather in 1953. It lies 17 miles west, southwest of the Golden Gate Bridge within the inbound shipping lane in 185 Feet of Seawater. This area is part of the Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary (GFNMS), …