Project Tag: Gulf Coast

Anaconda Mat Installation

Saturation dive operation to install post mats along the various crossing points of the 137 mile long Anaconda 24″ natural gas pipeline. The pipeline runs through the Green Canyon block of the Gulf of Mexico in 100 to 400 fsw. Mats located in 100 fsw or less must be jetted into the seafloor.

Conductor Removal

A surface dive crew aboard Stabbert Maritime’s DSV DPII Ocean Carrier cut off a 24″ conductor stub 5 ft below the mud line utilizing a diamond wire saw. The entire project was completed in under 16 hours.

Deepwater Horizon Spill Response

Provided shoreline clean-up services to the Gulf of Mexico oil spill clean-up effort following the explosion and fire aboard Transocean’s Deepwater Horizon drilling rig on Tuesday 20 April at approximately 10:00 pm US central time. Our crews were initially stationed in Pascagoula,MS before being relocated to Cocodrie,LA in an effort to protect the state’s barrier islands .

A Unified Command was established to manage response operations.

J/U Pride Wyoming Rig Salvage

The Pride Wyoming,a Bethlehem JU-250-MS design mat rig,was jacked up on location at SS 283A when Hurricane Ike passed in September 2009. The rig was destroyed,leaving debris in three separate blocks. WWCI contracted Global Diving & Salvage,Inc. to assist in the prep,salvage and site clearance of all rig components including ancillary debris removal.

L/B Respect Salvage

Global Diving & Salvage,Inc was contracted by Superior Energy to provide Saturation Diving support aboard the Norman Clough DP vessel. The project is the salvage of a hurricane damaged jack-up rig.

BP Properties Platform Removal

Wild Well contracted Global Diving & Salvage,Inc to provide Saturation Diving support in the removal of several Hurricane damaged platforms. The work was carried out from the “Superior Perfomance”,a 8 point morred barge equipped with an 800 ton crane. The project included cutting of the damaged legs as well as the rigging and lifting of the platform sections.

Ensco 64 Debris Removal and Salvage

We conducted this saturation dive project in the Gulf of Mexico to recover debris,BOP,and salvage jack-up legs. Burning,hot-tap operations,rigging,and survey operations were completed. Work was done at approximately 300 feet.

Hurricane Recovery Team

This saturation diving project included the removal of structural debris,as well as wedding cake and wellhead operations. The work was conducted across six platforms with 29 wellhead installations,ranging in depth from 120-280 feet of sea water (fsw).

Hurricane Ivan Platform Recovery

We were selected to supply saturation diving services aboard the DSB BOA Deep C,a DP III (Dynamically Positioned Vessel),in the Gulf of Mexico.

The project included removing existing structures,wedding cake wells,and installing wellheads.

The work was performed on four different platforms,and involved installing 57 wellheads and removing 5,800 metric tons of structures.

The operation involved 21 persons operating 24/7 in support of around-the-clock diving activity in depths of 160-270 feet of water.

Hurricane Ivan Platform Recovery

We were contracted to provide follow-on work to an ongoing rig removal project in the Gulf of Mexico. We installed SAT II,a portable saturation dive system aboard the CMC 450-10. The barge was equipped with a four-point mooring system and a moon pool from which diving activities were carried out. Unique to this project was the development of innovative tooling and techniques required for the “downhole” work required in the plug and abandonment of numerous wells. We provided support for the various underwater activities involved in this project.

The project included installing wellheads and assisting with P&A operations for 56 wells. Both underwater BOP’s and surface risers were utilized.