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Potential HAZMAT Barrel Recovery

In late 2018, a team of recreational divers discovered several barrels at the bottom of the lake, some bearing labels of herbicides 2,4,5-T and 2,4-D; the combination of which is commonly known as “Agent Orange”. As the lake supplies drinking water to the town of Joseph, OR, authorities determined the barrels needed to be inspected …

Bradford Island Contaminated Sediment Removal

In 2000 and 2002,the US Army Corps of Engineers (USCOE) removed discarded pieces of electrical equipment adjacent to the upstream side of Bradford Island,part of the Bonneville Dam complex. These pieces of equipment contained PCBs that had leached out and were found in the surrounding sediment.

After the equipment was removed,a survey was performed to identify areas were the PCB concentration was above allowable limits. In 2007,a proposal was put out by USCOE to remove this PCB contaminated sediment.

We supplied the floating platforms on which the filtration system was assembled,and conducted all maneuvering and handling of the platforms. We also provide all the diving services required to perform the removal of the PCB-contaminated sediment.

Three areas were identified as “hot spots.” These areas totaled over 41,000 square feet. All three areas were dredged with a 6-inch diver-operated dredge. Dredging operations were completed in 23 days.

Working in sediment that contained high levels of PCBs required the implementation of contaminated-diving procedures. Divers wore vulcanized rubber dive suits with special neck seals that are integral to the dive hat,and connected boots and sealed gloves which totally isolate the diver from the surrounding water. When the diver surfaced,tenders wore rain suits and face shields to protect themselves from contaminated sediment that may have attached itself to the diver’s suit.

Bainbridge Island Sewage Treatment Facility

A tool was inadvertently dropped into the primary clarifier unit,blocking mixing equipment. Within two hours of the initial call,Global responded with HAZMAT diving equipment,the diver removed the obstruction,and verified proper operation of the mixer.