Project Tag: Marine Services

Boat Explosion Response

Global mobilized a rapid response team to the Jim Clark Marina Explosion after one of the resident boats blew up in the early hours of August 24th,2010. The exploding boat caused the complete destruction of it’s boat house and damaged three other boat houses including catching an adjoining boat and boat house on fire. Our crew’s initial response consisted of surveying the damage and deploying boom to prevent any debris or contamination from leaving the accident site. Global’s Dive Operations Mgr says “We were chosen as a full service emergency response provider due to our conveniently poised response equipment,our knowledgeable personnel,and our prior work experiences.”

Deepwater Horizon Spill Response

Provided shoreline clean-up services to the Gulf of Mexico oil spill clean-up effort following the explosion and fire aboard Transocean’s Deepwater Horizon drilling rig on Tuesday 20 April at approximately 10:00 pm US central time. Our crews were initially stationed in Pascagoula,MS before being relocated to Cocodrie,LA in an effort to protect the state’s barrier islands .

A Unified Command was established to manage response operations.

Angel Rae Salvage

A live-aboard vessel sank at it moorage on the Duwamish River. Global Diving was contracted by Department of Ecology to mitigate any potential fuel release as well as raise the vessel and remove it from the water. Containment boom was deployed around the vessel as well as various locations around marina to mitigate the spread of fuel in the river current. The fuel vents and caps were sealed. Lifting straps were run under the vessel. A derrick was brought to the site to lift the vessel off bottom. Once on the surface,water was pumped from the hull.

Daily Harbor Booming – Elliot Bay, WA

Washington state requires that vessels deploy preventative boom before undergoing a fuel transfer. Global provides preventative boom for sale or lease with 24hr deployment services. Typical customers range from fishing vessels to Crusie Ships to Oil Tankers from Valdez,AK

Projects currently under contract for prevenative booming as needed: Tesoro,Anacortes – Paramount,Point Wells – Kinder MOrgan,Elliott Bay.

Spill Response Training

Global Diving & Salvage,Inc. is contracted to provide 40 trained responders to the Marine Spill Response Corporation (MSRC) in the event of an oil spill in the Northwest Region. Crews,ranging from field technicians to licensed captains,hone their skills and stay up to date on their required certifications through annual trainings and practice drills on local MSRC vessels.

Robson Bight Salvage

Global Diving & Salvage,Inc. and Mammoet Salvage of Holland performed a highly technical deep-water recovery of a fuel-laden tanker trunk in the sensitive waters of the Robson Bight Ecological Reserve at the northern end of Vancouver Island,British Columbia. The reserve is considered critical habitat for the resident Orca (Killer Whale) populations along Canada’s west coast. The work was performed directly for the Ministry of Environment,British Columbia.

Working at a depth of 1,165ft using Global’s Cougar Work Class ROV,divers,and a specially engineered Deep Water Recovery Casing (DWRC),the team carefully and successfully recovered the sunken tanker truck laden with diesel fuel as well as a container containing assorted oils and hazardous materials from the sea floor. The operation was completed safely and with no additional impact to the environment. How it happened.

Tatoosh Island Remediation

We worked alongside members of the Makah Tribe in an effort to return the remote Tatoosh Island back to its original condition prior to occupation by the US Navy and Coast Guard beginning in 1857. The island is located west of Washington’s Cape Flattery coastline in the Pacific Ocean,which presents significant challenges due to the harsh environment and the 100-foot rock cliffs at high tide. Access is limited to helicopters and shallow landing crafts that can be beached on the sand during the brief windows of cooperative weather. Our involvement has included removing aged fuel tanks,contaminated soil,and building debris via helicopter over the past two summer seasons.