Project Tag: Portable Boat Fleet

Alaska Bridge Inspections

Our divers traveled throughout Southeast Alaska performing underwater inspections on marine and fresh water structures. Divers inspected for timber decay,missing sections of the structures,scour,and any damage.

Lake Don Pedro Salvage

Global Diving & Salvage has been hired to locate a sunken vessel in Lake Don Pedro. The vessel sank in approximately 400 foot of water in steep underwater terrain. To locate the vessel Global will utilize Side scan sonar and an ROV equipped with scanning sonar. After locating the vessel a video inspection will be conducted to determine the vessel condition.

Port Townsend Northwest Maritime Center, Heat Exchanger Installation

The Maritime Center was recently built in Port Townsend. The HVAC system was designed to take advantage of the cool waters of Puget Sound through a heat exchanger mounted on the piling at the end of the pier. We secured the stainless steel components to the piling and connected HDPE piping under the pier to the HVAC equipment located inside the building.