Project Tag: Pumps & Tankage

F/V Sitkin Island Defueling

Our crews removed HAZMAT and petroleum products from the F/V Sitkin Island,a 160′ crab fishing vessel. Waste was removed from the job site by Philip Services Corporation.

While onsite,we were hired by the USCG to handle an emergency defuel from a stranded fishing vessel (F/V J B).

Derelict Vessel Removal

Crews raised a heavy 38 ft wooden vessel using lift bags. The vessel was then patched and pumped for delivery to a demolition site per client instructions.

Spill Support for Sunken Tug

Global Diving & Salvage was contracted by a local dredge company to clean up oil spilled from a sunken tugboat near Pittsburg,CA. The Global crew deployed containment boom,sorbents,and a skimmer to contain and recover the oil that spilled from the tug. After the tug owner re-floated the vessel,Global crews defueled the vessel and removed over 3,000 gallons of oil and water from the bilge to a Baker tank onshore.

Abandoned Recreational Vessel Salvage

Global Diving & Salvage,Inc. was contracted by the Vallejo Marina to raise a 42’ sunken vessel and to respond to pollution released as a result of the sinking. Oil containment boom was deployed around the sunken vessel while divers placed heavy lift straps under the hull of the vessel. CS Marine of Vallejo,CA provided a derrick crane which was used to raise the vessel to the surface while the Global crew dewatered the vessel and conducted damage control. The vessel was towed to a nearby haul out facility where it awaits demolition and disposal.

M/V Stryker Response

Global Diving and Salvage Inc. responded to the M/V STRYKER,a 140’ x 40’ self propelled barge which suffered damage causing part of the vessel to founder and settle to the seafloor while providing support services to the energy sector. A Global Salvage Master,Salvage Engineer,and dive team were immediately called to the remote waters near Oooguruk Island in the Arctic’s Beaufort Sea to effect refloating and recovery operations. Global resources were mobilized out of their Anchorage,AK office. Faced with deteriorating weather conditions,Global Diving & Salvage,with strong support from the vessels owners,successfully refloated the M/V STRYKER and delivered the vessel and her cargo safely to shore at Oliktok Point.

Deepwater Horizon Spill Response

Provided shoreline clean-up services to the Gulf of Mexico oil spill clean-up effort following the explosion and fire aboard Transocean’s Deepwater Horizon drilling rig on Tuesday 20 April at approximately 10:00 pm US central time. Our crews were initially stationed in Pascagoula,MS before being relocated to Cocodrie,LA in an effort to protect the state’s barrier islands .

A Unified Command was established to manage response operations.

OSV Monarch Defueling

The Monarch,a 166-foot offshore supply vessel,was submerged at the base of the Granite Point oil platform in northern Cook Inlet after its collision with the platform in heavy ice on Jan.15,2009.

At the time of the sinking,an estimated 34,603 gallons of diesel fuel and lube oil were on-board the vessel posing an enviromental risk. The fuel had to be removed.

Global was hired to monitor the situation and complete an initial vessel damage assessment in May. A sonar and bathomtetricsurvey were used to determine if the vessel was moving during the,up to 24 foot tidal changes in the area.

With extensive planning and careflu execution the fuel was successfully removed in 34 dives. The operation commenced in July with our divers diving three times per day. The fuel was removed using hoses and vacuum wands that pumped the fuel oil into temporary storage tanks.

The vessel is still on bottom and continually monitored.