Project Tag: SAT II

Pompano – Subsea SCR tie-back

Global Diving & Salvage,Inc,working off the OCV Rem Clough provided Saturation Divers to assist with the installation of 26 ton SCR hang-off deck at -330′,installation of 15 riser clamp assemblies and riser tie-in spools from +20′ to -330′ with metrology done for final tie-in spool and all platform leg preparation to facilitate said installations.

NuStar Energy SPM Hose Replacement

Working off the DSV DPII Ocean Carrier,we provided saturation diving services as required to disconnect the existing dual 24″ hose section from the PLEM (Pipe Line End Manifold) on bottom. Once the exisitng hose has been removed from the SPM (Single Point Moor) buoy and attach the new hoses,the hoses were reconnected to the same structure.

Mariner Oil Platform Removal

Global provided saturation diving services aboard the DSV Ocean Carrier to assist with the completion of removal of Platform B,a hurricane damaged,8 leg fixed platform in block EI 292. The upper package had been previously removed as well as the wells plugged and abandoned. Currently,portions of the lower jacket including the lower half of four legs and the majority of the interconnecting members at one end of the jacket remain. The highest point is of the debris is at 170 fsw with two of the legs bent over and protruding into the ocean floor,elevation 220 fsw. Portions of the structure that interfered with the P&A operation were placed in piles on bottom. GDS has been contracted to remove all the remaining structure as well as remaining debris on bottom.

SMI Paraffin Blockage Clean Out

Global Diving & Salvage,Inc is providing saturation diving from the DSV Ocean Carrier to assist with the location of and removal of a paraffin blockage in an oil flow line. The location of the blockage will be identified by use of a strain gauge which will very accurately measure the expansion of the existing pipeline when it is put under pressure. Measurements will be taken along the pipeline alignment (20,000 feet). Once the plug is located the pipe will be hot tapped and the blockage flushed out. Depth of the work will range from 320 to 400 feet.

Anaconda Mat Installation

Saturation dive operation to install post mats along the various crossing points of the 137 mile long Anaconda 24″ natural gas pipeline. The pipeline runs through the Green Canyon block of the Gulf of Mexico in 100 to 400 fsw. Mats located in 100 fsw or less must be jetted into the seafloor.

L/B Respect Salvage

Global Diving & Salvage,Inc was contracted by Superior Energy to provide Saturation Diving support aboard the Norman Clough DP vessel. The project is the salvage of a hurricane damaged jack-up rig.

Hurricane Ivan Platform Recovery

We were contracted to provide follow-on work to an ongoing rig removal project in the Gulf of Mexico. We installed SAT II,a portable saturation dive system aboard the CMC 450-10. The barge was equipped with a four-point mooring system and a moon pool from which diving activities were carried out. Unique to this project was the development of innovative tooling and techniques required for the “downhole” work required in the plug and abandonment of numerous wells. We provided support for the various underwater activities involved in this project.

The project included installing wellheads and assisting with P&A operations for 56 wells. Both underwater BOP’s and surface risers were utilized.