Project Tag: SAT IV

Platform Removal

Saturation divers working at a depth of 200 fsw remove the upper deck and conductors of downed platform. The remaining platform pieces will be removed at a later date.

J/U Pride Wyoming Rig Salvage

The Pride Wyoming,a Bethlehem JU-250-MS design mat rig,was jacked up on location at SS 283A when Hurricane Ike passed in September 2009. The rig was destroyed,leaving debris in three separate blocks. WWCI contracted Global Diving & Salvage,Inc. to assist in the prep,salvage and site clearance of all rig components including ancillary debris removal.

BP Properties Platform Removal

Wild Well contracted Global Diving & Salvage,Inc to provide Saturation Diving support in the removal of several Hurricane damaged platforms. The work was carried out from the “Superior Perfomance”,a 8 point morred barge equipped with an 800 ton crane. The project included cutting of the damaged legs as well as the rigging and lifting of the platform sections.

BP Platform Recovery Project

Hurricanes Katrina and Rita hit the Gulf of Mexico in 2005 and devastated the already aging oil field. It was determined that a large majority of the platforms would not be repaired; instead,they were to be shut down,and the remaining scrap metal was to be transferred into designated reef areas under the “Rigs for Reefs” program. We were contracted to provide saturation- and surface-supplied diving services for the subsea wellhead intervention operations,platform remediation,and platform removal work required in conjunction with this hurricane clean-up.

The project included saturation diving to remove damaged structures from five different platforms,as well as wedding cake operations and 38 wellhead installations. Work depth was between 103-140 feet of sea water (fsw).