Project Tag: sediment removal

Capitol Lake Targeted Dredging

While attempting to steal copper, vagrants damaged a disused electrical transformer located within a former brewery building. This caused the release of more than 700 gallons of electrical insulating oil containing polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) into the adjacent Deschutes River. The oil traveled downstream into the 260-acre Capitol Lake in Olympia, contaminating the bottom sediment and …

Finley Pump Station Sediment Removal

Approximately twelve (12) feet of sediment has built up in front of intake structure of the Agrium Finley Pump Station located on the Columbia River in Kennewick,WA. Divers used a suction pump to pump the sediment / water slurry from the forebay area to an upland location for disposal. Divers operated from a dive trailer located on shore adjacent to forebay area. The suction pump was located on the adjacent pump deck; a booster pump was in line to assist in moving the sediment / water slurry the long distance to the disposal location.