US Coast Guard - Tug Tiger Response

USCG Tug Tiger sank at dock
USCG Tug Tiger resting on bottom adjacent to sister ship.

The United States Coast Guard tugboat Tiger sank at her mooring at the Richmond Historical Pier in California. Global responded with 4 boats, 2 skimmers, boom, and spill response materials to contain and remove the released containments.

Global was contracted to continue the salvage operations, utilizing an innovative plywood freeboard panel concept in an effort to refloat the Tiger.

Project Updates

The tug Tiger has been successfully refloated and now the final defueling and demobilization is underway.

Great job to the entire crew over the last two months. A special shout to the dive crew who logged hundreds of dive hours without incident or injury and to the environmental crew that recovered thousands of gallons of oil and built the freeboard panels.

Divers have completed installation of the plywood freeboard panels and placed pumps in the bilges of the ship for upcoming dewatering operations.

The starboard side plywood freeboard panels on the Tug "Tiger" have been completed today. The work will be repeated on the port side on schedule.

Efforts regarding the Tiger have moved from Response to Salvage. The sister ship Lion was moved from her berthing to allow access to the Tiger. Crews 'righted' her by attaching winch wires to her mast structure to stand her upright. A plywood bulwark will be installed to allow the hull to be pumped out at low water, eventually being refloated.