Boat Ramp Upgrade

October , 2009

The project required replacement of an existing woodpile-supported boat launch. The boat ramp was located along side the causeway and adjacent to the product lines used to move products to and from tankers and barges moored at the end of the pier. Lifting and removing the existing materials, driving the new steel pile, and setting the new ramp structure all had to be done from the water. Global subcontracted Culbertson Marine of Anacortes, WA to provide crane support from their barge, which was moored just offshore of the ramp.

The boat ramp was removed in several pieces and set aboard the barge for further disassembly. The pilings were obstructed by riprap that was placed as armor along the shore. Rocks had to be individually rigged and set aside with the crane. Once the pilings were exposed, they were cut off at the mud line. New steel piles were driven adjacent to the old piling locations. The steel pilings were cut off at the proper grade, the new ramp was assembled in sections, and then lowered over the new pilings and secured in place. Once all pieces were in place, the track was installed. An alignment fixture was used for proper spacing of the tracks to allow the cart supporting the boat to move freely.

The work was done in an intertidal zone, with divers working above and below the water as the tide came in and out and the work progressed either in- or offshore.