Legacy Wells Plug & Abandonment

November , 2020

Global was contracted to plug and abandon legacy wells at Treadwell 10 and North Star 815 sites near Summerland Beach, CA. Global dive teams had conducted assessments of the sites on separate prior occasions to determine the exact location and manner of the oil seepage. Two 4-person dive teams working 12 hour shifts located the well casings, and using hand dredging and jetting excavated the well casings enough to remove the existing cap or plug using 3:1 digging ratio. The divers excavated material around the casings and exposing as much was needed to successfully complete the abandonment. Once the existing cap was removed, the divers assisted the barge crew in the positioning and installation of stabbing new pipe pile around the existing well casings. They cut the installed pipe pile at the desired depth and cleaned the annulus between the pipe pile and casing. The crews then pumped the annulus with grout and welded a new cap on the pipe pile. The project was completed safely and to the client’s satisfaction.

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