Pier 55 & 56 Piling Inspection

March , 2019

Global provided topside and subsea inspection services for the structures located on Pier 55, 55.5, & 56; the piling inspection was conducted to help the client plan for a future piling replacement project. The team inspected a total of 2,690 timber and steel piling and their associated caps.

The topside inspection service included visual inspection of all caps, stringers and braces under the pier structures of Pier 55, 55.5, & 56. The subsea inspection service included diver visual (video) and mechanical inspection of the mudline, midline and waterline of each of the 2,690 piling. Soundings were also taken using a small double-jack hammer. A Level II detailed inspection was performed on 10% of the structure; the Level II inspection included cleaning an area of the piling down to the bare steel or timber at the waterline, midline and mudline. Working depths ranged from -10 to -60 FSW.

One of the largest continuous structure piling inspections Global has ever performed, this project presented a logistical challenge due to the sheer number of piling requiring inspection; the number of piling and inconsistencies from old repairs and retrofits made it challenging to properly track the data, condition and associated video of each piling. The project was completed safely and without incident, to the client’s satisfaction.