RMS Republic ROV Survey

September , 2010

On January 24, 1909, three years before the Titanic tragedy, another “unsinkable” White Star Line vessel sank in 270 fsw of the Atlantic’s most treacherous water. The steam ship, RMS Republic (qualified as a Royal Mail Ship) collided with the SS Florida in a dense fog during the early morning of January 23rd. Over 1,500 passengers and crew were rescued but the vessel sank under tow on January 24, 1909, fifty miles off the coast of Nantucket. For more than a century, rumors of the vessel’s precious cargo have persisted.
With the increase in available technology, interest in recovering the rumored treasure of the RMS Republic has grown. Global crews and equipment were contracted and mobilized to Groton, CT for an exploratory condition survey of the vessel. The gear was set up onboard the University of Connecticut’s research vessel, Connecticut. After 13 hours and 118 miles of sailing, the research vessel established dynamic position above the wreck of the RMS Republic. Global’s ROV team deployed the Stingray ROV and conducted a video and sector scan survey of portions of the wreck. The results of the ROV survey, combined with other side scan and multibeam sonar surveys conducted, were used by the client to formulate a plan to access the vessel.