Robson Bight Salvage

October , 2009

Global Diving & Salvage, Inc. and Mammoet Salvage of Holland performed a highly technical deep-water recovery of a fuel-laden tanker truck in the sensitive waters of the Robson Bight Ecological Reserve at the northern end of Vancouver Island, British Columbia. The reserve is considered critical habitat for the resident Orca populations along Canada’s west coast. The work was performed directly for the Ministry of Environment, British Columbia.

Working at a depth of 1,165 ft using Global’s Cougar work class ROV, divers, and a specially engineered Deep Water Recovery Casing (DWRC), the team carefully and successfully recovered the sunken tanker truck laden with diesel fuel as well as a container containing assorted oils and hazardous materials from the sea floor. The operation was completed safely and with no additional impact to the environment.

5/20/09: Sunken fuel truck recovered from Robson Bight (CBC)
5/09: Fuel truck successfully raised from Robson Bight (Living Oceans)
5/13/09: Robson Bight salvage set to begin(Aquagreen Marine Research)