Spinnaker Bay Piling Repair

December , 2022

Global Diving & Salvage was contracted under J2 Building Consultants, Inc., to perform repairs to 119 pilings at Spinnaker Bay Condos, an over-water complex on Lake Washington.

Before Global came onto the scene an inspection was conducted and it was discovered that the pilings supporting Spinnaker Bay Condos were showing signs of deterioration. Global was then hired to carry out the repair for all 119 pilings.

This project required a 6-person dive team to efficiently carry out the project. For the majority of the project Global had two divers working in the water simultaneously, under the direction of the dive supervisor. Pre-work precautions were taken such as adding a turbidity curtain around the perimeter of the site to ensure loose silt didn’t spread throughout the lake. Following this, the team removed several obstructing boulders from the location, cleaned the piles to remove any sediment build-up, installed rebar on each pile to ensure structural support, then wrapped the jackets and filled them with grout.

Wrapping approximately 6 piles a day, Global was able to successfully complete the restoration of the structural integrity of Spinnaker Bay Condos.


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