Subsea Cabling Project

July , 2018

Global was contracted by L3 MariPro to provide all diving and ROV work for a subsea cabling project off the coast of Florida. Mobilizing from Fourchon, LA the team secured all dive and ROV equipment aboard a Dynamic Positioning Ship (DP2) hired by Global as the dive support vessel. An Ultrashort Baseline (USB) acoustic positioning system and navigation pole was provided and installed by Terrasond. Using surface-supplied air for dives above -70’ and Heliox for dives below -70’, the divers worked at depths ranging from 45’ to 215’ fsw. Tasks involved locating and recovering an existing cable system, making modifications including connecting buoys to the cable, and redeploying the system. Approximately 250 grout bags were positioned on the seafloor around an exposed section of cable and secured with rebar pins. The Falcon ROV was used for precise positioning and observation purposes, working in tandem with the divers. The subsea cabling project was completed safely and to the client’s satisfaction.