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Global’s fleet of Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) ranges from light work-class ROVs capable of performing a range of underwater tasks, to highly-portable “flying eyeballs”. We maintain our fleet for ready deployment at all times.

The light work-class Saab Seaeye Cougar-XT is the workhorse of our fleet, rated to 2,000 meters; it offers an incredible array of tooling and interface options including five-function manipulators and cutters, multiple camera and lighting arrays, and other add-ons. Our largest ROV, the Cougar is ideal for light construction and salvage support.

Our Saab Seaeye Falcon, Falcon-DR and Stingray are inspection-class ROVs that provide a unique combination of portability and versatility, making them useful for surveys and inspections in remote locations. They can be fitted with various sonar, camera and tooling options.

The VideoRay Pro 4 ROVs weigh only 14lbs, but are rated to depths of 305 meters. Highly mobile and maneuverable, the VideoRay is ideal for surveying in confined spaces, remote areas and hazardous sites. We also offer the VersaTrax Inuktun Crawler; specifically designed for the inspection of dry or flooded pipelines, it can be configured to traverse pipes as small as 6-inches in diameter.

All of our ROVs carry standard high-resolution color video cameras with recording capability, and most can be customized with specialized tooling, cameras, sonar and other equipment to meet the needs of your particular project.

SAAB Seaeye Cougar-XT

The SAAB Seaeye Cougar-XT ROV is a compact work-class ROV rated to 2,000 meters, and capable of speeds over 3.2 knots. It adds significant power and capability to Global’s already impressive fleet of ROVs. The Cougar-XT is an incredibly versatile machine, and with Global’s additional tooling and interface options we’ve made it the most powerful, capable ROV on the West Coast. With accessories like five-function manipulators and cutters, drills, multiple camera and lighting arrays, and various sonar add-ons, Global can customize the Cougar-XT specifically for your project.

Underwater ROV Operations

SAAB Seaeye Cougar-XT Specifications

SAAB Seaeye Falcon

The SAAB Seaeye Falcon is an inspection-class vehicle rated for depths up to 330 meters. Lightweight yet powerful, the Falcon is an exceptionally efficient, versatile machine. The Falcon is small enough to be deployed and retrieved by hand and transported in a pick-up. Global’s Falcon is fitted with single-beam scanning sonar and supports a number of other sonar options, additional sensors and tooling add-ons. The Falcon’s high-resolution fixed-focus camera is fitted to a platform that can be tilted up to 90-degrees.

SAAB Seaeye Falcon Specifications

SAAB Seaeye Falcon DR

The Falcon DR is small, agile and powerful. The DR is rated to a depth of 1000 m, but the fiber-optic tether can be switched out for a smaller footprint if the full range is not needed. The Falcon DR features 3 variable-intensity LED arrays of 3200 lumens each, and the lights tilt with the camera angle. When used with the fiber-optic tether, the high resolution camera can provide 3 simultaneous video channels. Global’s Falcon DR is fitted with single-beam scanning sonar, but its advanced telemetry system allows for numerous sensor integrations such as HD 1080p real-time cameras, MBES packages and BV5000-3D sonar. This versatility makes the Falcon DR more suitable than the Falcon for in-depth systems manipulation and analysis.

SAAB Seaeye Falcon DR Specifications

VideoRay Pro 4

The VideoRay Pro 4 is a small, portable system specifically configured to quickly and effectively perform a variety of basic underwater tasks. Weighing only 6.1 kg, the ROV can be easily launched and retrieved by hand, and can reach a maximum depth of 305 m. It features a 570-line resolution camera with .004 lux low-light sensitivity and 180-degree tilt range. Global’s VideoRay has two LED arrays for a total of 3,600 lumens, and an optional HD 1080p camera and sonar can be mounted externally.

Videoray Pro 4 Specifications


The Stingray is an inspection-class ROV, rated for depths up to 350 meters and designed to accommodate a wide spectrum of tasks with numerous tool and device options. Weighing only 70 lbs., the Stingray is easily shipped and can be deployed and operated by one person, making it ideal for work in remote areas.


Stingray Specifications

VersaTrax Inuktun Crawler

For small pipeline inspection purposes, Global offers the VersaTrax tracked ROV. Useful in a variety of situations, its primary use is in the inspection of dry or flooded pipelines (up to 44.5 psi). The tracks and camera can be mounted in-line to traverse pipes as small as 6 inches (15 cm). The more conventional parallel configuration is suitable for pipes 10 inches (25 cm) and wider, and enables steering and stability by angling the tracks. A 1000 foot (304 m) umbilical makes long penetrations possible. The VersaTrax offers real-time color video monitoring and variable intensity lighting. Video output can be annotated with on-screen and audio information.

VersaTrax Inuktun Crawler Specifications

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