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Salvage & Wreck Services: Answering the Call Anytime, Anywhere

December 28, 2016

December 23, 2016

Global’s service offerings have expanded significantly since our initial focus on diving operations in 1979, but one of our founding capabilities – salvage and wreck operations – continues to be a success through the completion of hundreds of projects around the world. While every call is unique, our team brings quick response, thorough planning, and determination to each project.

With decades of experience in dealing with complex operations involving numerous challenges, our staff is extremely skilled and knowledgeable. While every project is unique with its own set of challenges, Global is ready to respond 24/7 whatever the problem. “The process starts immediately,” says David DeVilbiss, VP of Marine Casualty Response. “We find out the facts and start doing research on location, tides, and what resources we have near the area.”

Salvage and wreck operations involve intricate planning and adherence to strict environmental and insurance requirements. We work with local suppliers across the world stocked with a wide range of containment and recovery equipment.

As soon as our team is notified of an emergency, a salvage/recovery expert is dispatched to the site. “90% of the time we can have someone anywhere in the world within 24 hours,” states DeVilbiss. “If the client is on site, we always meet with them first, or local Coast Guard, naval, or maritime authority when necessary.”

In addition to mobilization resources, Global maintains flyaway assessment kits called ‘go kits’ at strategic locations. With equipment including gas analyzers, hand-held depth tanks, radios, and recording devices at the ready, seasoned pros can hit the ground (or water) running with everything needed to gather vital site information.

Aside from salvage and wreck, our specialists also handle all aspects of marine casualty operations, including those above the surface. Even with hundreds to thousands of projects completed over the years, no two projects are the same. Our team is adept at navigating the complex organizational requirements, as well; securing local permits, insurance needs, and efficiently managing environmental and political concerns. Our on-site personnel expedite administrative tasks, helping to minimize loss and expenses for clients who may already be facing financial hardships. DeVilbiss explains, “At the end of the day, I like to think that we have made somebody’s life better.”

For immediate, expert advice and response to sunken vessels and other marine casualties, call our 24-hour, international toll-free line at 1-800-441-3483 to speak with a local expert in your region.


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