Commercial Diving Services


Global Diving is proud to work with world-class, highly-skilled divers. Our team performs a wide range of underwater tasks in marine and upland environments, including inspections, salvage operations, marine construction, demolition and repair, and oil platform work. We can provide dive systems and teams to work in a wide range of depths; from surface air and mixed gas to saturation diving. For decades, we’ve reliably served both public and private clients while maintaining an outstanding safety record.

As a company whose business revolves around life support, safety is integrated into everything we do. Global adheres to USCG, CAL/OSHA, ADCI and IMCA regulations, and all of Global’s divers maintain current ‘fit to dive’ status and ADCI certification.

Ship Husbandry Services

Global provides complete ship husbandry services for cargo ships, military assets, tugs, barges, and commercial fishing vessels. Our expert divers perform thorough inspections and safely make repairs, both dockside and at anchor.

We are certified by Germanischer Lloyds and DetNorske Veritas. We are also an approved provider of underwater inspection in lieu of dry docking (UWILD) surveys by American Bureau of Shipping.

Structural Inspection Services

Global’s highly trained divers can inspect, repair and replace deteriorated underwater components, finding the best way to safely resolve potentially complex and costly problems with minimal impact on facilities and surrounding waters. Our divers can conduct pre-construction surveys, intake construction and maintenance, pipeline placement, anode installation, oil platform repairs and decommissioning, and more.

Other Dive Services

In addition to a variety of ship husbandry and inspection and survey services, Global also offers:

  • Damage inspection
  • Dry-docking assistance
  • Propeller polishing
  • Sacrificial anode installation
  • Cofferdam fabrication and installation
  • Keel cooler repairs and maintenance
  • On-hire and off-hire inspections
  • Non-destructive testing (NDT) and thickness readings
  • Underwater burning and weld repairs
  • Transducer replacements
  • Intake cleaning
  • Concrete placement and repair

For information on our reliable, safe, and expert diving services:

Hydroelectric Tunnel Inspection

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