Marine Construction


Global has over 40 years of managing complex and technical underwater construction projects, in and around the water. From deep-water infrastructure to working in challenging environments, Global has the proven experience, specialized staff and equipment to take on any shoreside or subsea project.

Serving both the public and private sectors, we create custom, creative, safe and effective solutions for the toughest of projects.

Hydroelectric & Utilities

Global is a leader in the marine services industry with decades of experience managing critical, technical and complex deep-water infrastructure projects. From routine inspections to the repair and replacement of highly critical components, our skilled and seasoned teams offer safe, reliable marine construction and commercial diving, even in the most challenging environments. Global manages all aspects of inspection and repair on both aging infrastructure and new construction, including engineering, design, and custom fabrication.

Our highly trained divers and remotely operated vehicles (ROV) can inspect, repair and replace deteriorated underwater components, finding the best way to safely resolve potentially complex and costly problems with minimal impact on facility operations. We have extensive experience working on dams, hydroelectric plants, aqueducts, intakes, outfalls and more—often operating in blind conditions, high altitudes, from marine platforms, or in ecologically sensitive areas.

Transportation Infrastructure

Global is a leader in the marine services industry with decades of experience working on large, critical and technical infrastructure projects. Our wide range of services include: bridge and tunnel inspections, installations, engineering services, maintenance, and repairs.

We partner with our clients, acting as a diving sub-contractor or managing all aspects of projects on both aging infrastructure and new construction. Working with you, we assist in accurately scoping the project, providing a realistic view of the project needs and possible challenges, and safe and effective solutions to those challenges. We have the expertise, equipment and resources necessary to handle any level of underwater tasks in all types of environments. There’s no job too difficult or too deep.

Oil & Gas

Global has successfully served the oil and gas industry for over 20 years, all while maintaining an outstanding safety record. With a specific focus on unconventional decommissioning, plug and abandonment operations, and well recovery, we pride ourselves on providing specialized services to some of the biggest oil and gas companies in the country and around the world.

We bring the experience and resources necessary to handle challenging and complex underwater tasks in all environments. We offer in-depth project plans, specialized tooling, extensive knowledge of permitting and regulatory issues, and skilled divers that are cross-trained in a variety of oilfield projects, construction, casualty, and environmental work.

Our diving systems are configurable to service a variety of platforms; including dynamically-positioned vessels, 4-point mooring systems, lift boats, barges, and floating production systems.

Ports, Harbors, Marinas & Piers

Global is a total solution commercial marine services provider with extensive experience managing port, harbor, marina and pier projects, both in and around the water. We have the resources, skilled teams and equipment to handle a wide range of tasks, from basic inspections, maintenance and repairs to complex technical installations and pile encapsulation.

Other Marine Construction Services

In addition to a variety of marine construction and inspection services, Global also offers:

  • Anchor cable installation
  • Anode installation
  • Data and power cable installation
  • Depth of burial surveys
  • Underwater demolition
  • Dredging
  • Concrete placement and repair
  • Underwater welding

For more information on how we can help you complete your project on-time, on-budget, with the highest degree of safety:

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