Remotely Operated Vehicles

Traveling Beyond the Human Reach

Global’s fleet of Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) consists of light and mid-class inspection ROVs capable of performing a wide range of underwater tasks. We always maintain our fleet for ready deployment.

Global uses Saab Seaeye Falcons as configurable mid class proven electric system capable of intricate and demanding missions. This lightweight, portable, remote vehicle is reliable and versatile. Our Falcon F2, capable to depths of 300 meters comes equipped with the advanced iCONtm intelligent control system. Fitted with an Imenco High-Definition Wide Angle Color Zoom, for HD quality recording, scanning sonar, and upgradable with forward looking sonar. Our Falcon DR System is capable of depths up to 1000 meters. The Deep Trekker Revolution ROV is light weight and easily deployable. It is intuitive, stable, and designed to tackle challenging underwater tasks down to 300 meters.

All our ROVs carry standard high-resolution color video cameras with recording capability, and most can be customized with instruments, cameras, sonar, specialized tooling, and other equipment to meet the needs of your project.

Saab Seaeye Falcon

The SAAB Seaeye Falcon is an inspection-class vehicle rated for depths up to 330 meters. Lightweight yet powerful, the Falcon is an exceptionally efficient, versatile machine. The Falcon is small enough to be deployed and retrieved by hand and transported in a pick-up. Global’s Falcon is fitted with single-beam scanning sonar and supports a number of other sonar options, additional sensors and tooling add-ons. The Falcon’s high-resolution fixed-focus camera is fitted to a platform that can be tilted up to 90-degrees.

Saab Seaeye Falcon DR

The Falcon DR is small, agile, and powerful. The DR is rated to a depth of 1000 m, but the fiber-optic tether can be switched out for a smaller footprint if the full range is not needed. The Falcon DR features 3 variable-intensity LED arrays of 3200 lumens each, and the lights tilt with the camera angle. When used with the fiber-optic tether, the high-resolution camera can provide 3 simultaneous video channels. Global’s Falcon DR is fitted with single-beam scanning sonar, but its advanced telemetry system allows for numerous sensor integrations such as HD 1080p real-time cameras, MBES packages and BV5000-3D sonar. This versatility makes the Falcon DR more suitable than the Falcon for in-depth systems manipulation and analysis.

Deep Trekker Revolution ROV

The Deep Trekker Revolution ROV utilizes advanced underwater technology, featuring a 305-meter depth rating, enhanced 4k camera, extreme mobility and stabilization control, and comprehensive sensor integration. Its intuitive design enables precise maneuverability, making it optimal for underwater inspections and surveys across various applications.

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