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Summer Cruise Line Schedule Keeps Global Busy

April 18, 2018

As cruise lines begin their busy summer tourist season, Global is gearing up to serve the cruise lines. The Southern Alaska coast has become one of the top cruise destinations in the world, drawing over a million passengers in 2017. A major percentage of those vessels depart from or return to the Port of Seattle; more than 200 cruises are scheduled for the port in 2018. With such a narrow seasonal window and tight operational schedule, the cruise lines can’t afford any downtime. Fortunately, when inspections, maintenance or repairs are needed, Global is there to answer their call.

As cruise tourism in Alaska has grown, Global’s capacity to respond has grown with it. Deirdre Coots, Alaska Region General Manager, said Global saw the potential in the growing industry and expanded their capabilities to meet the cruise lines’ needs. “In 2015 we didn’t get much call-out work; in 2016 there was a slight increase. By 2017 our logistical locations allowed us to easily support the industry; we could provide the services they needed without interrupting their schedule.”

Global provides ship husbandry and diving services throughout Southeast and Central Alaska. “With offices in Juneau and Anchorage and the ability to respond with divers and equipment at short notice, we’re positioned to support the cruise ships as they move through the state and back,” said Bernie Rosenberger, Global’s Alaska Region Dive Operations Manager. “For instance, we’re able to respond for an inspection or minor service when a vessel comes into port in Juneau; then if a repair is needed, we can complete the necessary work at their next stop in Seward or Homer, allowing the vessel to stay on schedule.”

In the state of Washington, Global provides ship husbandry services as well as pre-booming for fuel transfers, required by the Washington Department of Ecology. “With assets and equipment pre-staged throughout the Puget Sound and along the coast, we’re able to meet the regulatory booming needs required by the state, as well as respond to spills or call-outs,” said Aaron Harrington, Pacific Northwest Region General Manager.

Harrington said Global’s reputation for providing a quick response and reliable service is why so many of the cruise lines and vessel operators have relied on their diving and environmental teams for years. “We provide diving and booming services 24/7. The work is always dynamic, but we’re adept at what we do. We have more than 20 years of experience doing these jobs, I think we’ve got it down.”


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