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Enviro Techs Help Perform Water Rescue

The work we do at Global requires us to be prepared for just about everything, so our employees regularly undergo safety training including water rescues, first aid and CPR. The training certainly paid off the morning of August 13th when two of our Environmental Technicians, Carl Anderson and Caleb Faires, helped rescue two workers that had fallen …

Summer Cruise Line Schedule Keeps Global Busy

As cruise lines begin their busy summer tourist season, Global is gearing up to serve the cruise lines. The Southern Alaska coast has become one of the top cruise destinations in the world, drawing over a million passengers in 2017. A major percentage of those vessels depart from or return to the Port of Seattle; …

Marine Services: Environmental Protection & Preservation

We’re called Global Diving & Salvage but there’s much more to us than what’s in our name. Global offers expansive services beyond diving and salvage work, including environmental marine services. Our people, experience, and proven track record make us the top provider of marine services on the West Coast, with environmental crews based in Washington …

Devon Grennan Appointed President of SCAA

Devon Grennan, CEO and President of Global Diving & Salvage, Inc., has been appointed President of the Spill Control Association of America (SCAA). SCAA is a professional association representing spill control contractors, manufacturers, distributors, government agencies, and various qualified individuals within the industry. Grennan has served on the board of SCAA since 2012. “SCAA is …

A Deeper Look at Global’s Commitment to Reliability & Dependability

Here at Global we approach every job with the respect, attention, and focus it deserves – no matter how difficult or routine it may be. Underlying that dedication to getting the job done efficiently and effectively are two key guiding principles: reliability and dependability. “Repeat customers call us because they know what they’re going to …

Global Presents Case Studies at Clean Gulf Conference

The Challenges of Environmentally-Driven Wreck Removal presented by David DeVilbiss,Vice President of Casualty Marine and Emergency Response Services,Global Diving & Salvage,Inc.

Abstract Summary: The paper will focus on the challenges faced with environmentally driven wreck removal projects. One case study is a large ex-navy tug that sank in California inside a graving dock that was inundated with contaminated soil. The environmental drivers behind the wreck removal required unique methods of salvage. The second case study focuses on a Japanese Tsunami dock removal,located in a remote part of the Washington Coast within a National Marine Sanctuary. Invasive species,multiple agencies and stakeholders,and logistically challenging parameters all played a part in the planning and execution of the work.

WA Coast Cleanup: April 20th!

In celebration of Earth Day the Washington Coast Savers are organizing the biggest cleanup of the year. Help save your favorite beach from the harm of marine debris and enjoy a day of fun and great exercise on Washington’s beautiful Pacific beaches.

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